Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver marijuana?

No, we are strictly a Medical Marijuana Care Center.


What if I don’t have a medical marijuana card?

No Worries. We can connect you with a local doctor to see if you qualify.  

How long to get my card?

Varies by patient, but typically an hour.

Do you become my permanent caregiver?

No, you can use us as either a temporary/permanent caregiver within our five patient slot.


How do I order?

You can call/text (207) 292-9420 or order through "Chat" on our website. 


Where is your store front?

10 Pomerleau Street Biddeford, Maine



Is there a maximum/minimum amount per order?

There is no minimum order amount, but our maximum amount is 2.5 OZ per patient every 15 days.


How quickly will my custom package be ready for pickup?

It normally takes us 20-30 minutes to prepare your package.